"The good folks at Draconus have created a PC game that is comparable to those great board games of the day: Clue, Sleuth, etc. This game gave me a warm fuzzy inside, bringing me back to my livingroom on a Sunday and playing board games with my mom."
 -Helen Wassell


"The Butler Did It! is a very satisfying and replayable experience that will be enjoyed by adventure fans everywhere."
 -Chris Dahlberg


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Whodunit? The Butler of course!

 In a luxury hotel on the Swiss Alps, a murder has just been committed. Unfortunately for the murderer Jacques-Louis Barajean, France's best detective, is there.

 The Butler Did It! is a short, dynamic mystery adventure game inspired by the famous boardgame Cluedo: This means that virtually every game will be different from the others.

 A perfect coffee-break game in which your deductive skills will be tested! Look for clues and evidences, question the suspects, and when you're sure about the culprit's identity, point your finger at him or her, just like in an Agatha Christie novel!

 This is The Butler Did It! No walkthrough needed, just your wits!


  • A true coffee-break game: you play through a case in tens of minutes, not in months!
  • More than a million different scenarios!
  • 3 levels of difficulty from low to high season when the hotel is packed with guests!
  • 16 different suspects! Each one of them can be the murderer, his accomplice, or the victim.
  • Vibrant graphics reminescent of old-fashioned movies and drama series!
  • Athmospheric music score!
  • Additionally, the game is available also in Italian and Finnish!
  • Free shareware demo available, try-before-buy!
  • ...And all this just for a price of couple of pints! That would be ONLY $9.95, so act now before the murderer is set loose!


  • Pentium 266 or Better DirectX-Compatible 2Mb Video Card
  • 32Mb RAM
  • 60 Mb of Free Space on Hard Drive
  • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
  • DirectX 5 or above
  • DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Join the community forums in here. Drop the developers or other fans a line, discuss the game and share your sleuthing experiences!

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